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2020 CAN Outreach and Advocacy Award-Winning Podcast

The First-Person Science team is excited to announce that the Canadian Association for Neuroscience (CAN) has awarded us with the 2020 CAN Outreach and Advocacy Award.

“This award recognizes the important efforts of First-Person Science to present information about neuroscience discoveries in a way that is accessible to the public through interactive live stream conversations with researchers. These efforts to bridge the gaps between scientists and the public through real-time engagement and honest, open & accurate sharing of peer-reviewed data are much needed in these times when misinformation spreads rapidly.”

Our work towards providing first-person perspectives, dispelling misinformation and making science accessible is only beginning!

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Our Mission

The First-Person Science podcast is about more than just entertainment. While we strive to entertain our audience, FPS also believes we have a platform to share an important message. This message centres around three core tenants that make up the FPS Mission.

First-Person Perspectives

The guests on our show interact directly with the research they discuss. The First-Person Science Podcast aims to be a platform for researchers to profile their cutting-edge work, while providing our audience a first-person perspective on this work.

Dispel Misinformation

Social media is a powerful tool to spread information. Unfortunately, it has also become a place where some people, at best, misinterpret information, and, at worst, actively deceive people through spreading misinformation.

First-Person Science is committed to giving our audience unbiased and factual information.

Make Science Accessible

Paywalls, limited access to sources and poor distribution hold back the general public from getting the wealth of knowledge being produced in the scientific community. While there are workarounds to this issue, we at FPS also work to make science palatable to the masses.

First-Person Science believes this information should be accessible and understandable to all.