2020 CAN Outreach and Advocacy Award winner

We are excited to announce that the First-Person Science team has won the 2020 CAN Outreach and Advocacy Award!

The award recognizes the important efforts of First-Person Science to “present information about neuroscience discoveries in a way that is accessible to the public, through interactive live stream conversations with researchers.”

Our team works incredibly hard to provide content across multiple mediums to help inform the public and engage with viewers. With over 30 YouTube videos, Twitch live streams twice a week, over a dozen podcast episodes and countless social media posts, we continue to work towards a more informed and scientifically literate society.

The First-Person Science team is so grateful to all of those that have supported us in our quest to make neuroscience accessible. This would not have been possible without YOU, the critical thinkers that seek informed perspectives on nuanced issues. So for that, we thank you.

We look forward to continuing the process of bringing you informed, accurate and knowledgable episodes.

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