Why was First-Person Science (FPS) Created?

First-Person Science is the first and only Podcast that thoroughly explores neuroscience research articles featuring first-person perspectives and narratives from the scientist(s) themselves. FPS was created as a new way to discover and engage with neuroscience research using a casual ‘journal club podcast’ approach. Viewers can expect to learn cool facts and get a general background for everything related to the episode’s journal article through a visually immersive and accessible approach to science communication

Where can I listen to FPS content?

We go live every Monday and Wednesday on YouTube for Debate Night and Neurobeer Night respectively. All of our interviews are posted on YouTube after they have been recorded. The same podcasts can also be found on Podbean and Twitch.

Is everyone at FPS a scientist?

In short, no. Everyone who works at FPS came from a background in science, but it doesn’t mean that we’re all in the lab conducting experiments. We believe that our educational background in science has given us the knowledge to convey complicated concepts in a way that is exciting for the public.

Do I need to be a scientist to access FPS content?

No, you do not! We understand that science-based topics are interesting, but are hidden behind large acronyms and science language that can be hard to interpret. Our goal is to communicate neuroscience topics in a way that the public can understand.

What is the point of FPS?

The purpose of FPS is to bring our viewers science information in a format that is easy to understand. On our podcasts we break down complicated concepts and cut out the science jargon that confuses people to encourage the public to discuss and interact with the science community. We wanted to give scientists a platform to control the scientific narrative and dispel fake news surrounding science.